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Your Timeline to Retirement.

Build. Plan. Enjoy.

Whether you're years away from retirement, planning on retiring, or already retired, it's important to have a plan.

Dreyfus created the Retirement Resource Center with your future in mind. It offers practical advice for every life stage — actionable insights and tactical strategies, forecasting tools and calculators, along with world-class investments and retirement solutions — so you can build a better retirement. Our award-winning service team is here to provide personal assistance every step of the way.

For additional information or assistance on how this information may fit into your financial plan, contact a Dreyfus Representative at 1-800-896-2649. If you would like a Dreyfus Representative to contact you, please click on this link.

Retirement Planner

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How much savings will you need to retire comfortably?

The Retirement Planner can help determine how much you will need for living in retirement.

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Retirement Distribution Planner

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How long will your money last?

If you are already retired, one of your biggest concerns is outliving your funds. With the
Retirement Distribution Planner, you can evaluate how to manage your resources.

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